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Most of the units I sell are built on top of new Offernhasuer intake manifolds I can use either style, with or without oil fill tube. However, I have, from time to time, vintage manifolds..Wiend, Edelbrock, or Fenton. Check with me on availability. Several customers hae sent me their vintage intakes and I have finished them. I can restore your intake, make repairs, and install Helicoils as needed.

I generally have sets of actual tripower carbs available from 348 Chevys, J-2 Olds, and the old 57-58 Pontiacs. These sets have the end carbs with no idle circuits, not power valve systems, and no provisions for a choke. They also have thick throttleblades (butterflies) which seal when shut. This is necessary as any leak past the throttleblades is essentially a vacuum leak, since they have no idle circuits.

Most of the tripowers I sell are made starting with Rochester 2 bbls from late 50s and early 60s. The end carbs have been converted and essentially are the same as the vintage end carbs. We may use new, aluminum throttlebodies, with new throttleshafts and new throttleblades (thick style.) In many ways, these are better carbs than the used actual tripower end carbs. Why? All the moving parts in the throttlebody are new! We block the power valve, power piston, and remove the choke and all evidence of it. All screws and washers are replaced with new, plated ones.

When we use the original 2 bbl throttlebody, that is cast iron, we repalce the throttleshaft and install new, thick style, throttleblades. The end carb shafts protrude on the passenger side to accommodate the linkage. The center carb also get a new shaft, but retains the stock throttleblades. Most others use a splined shaft in the center carb to retain the linkage lever. Over time, these tend to fail, wearing off the splines. We use a keyway to eliminate this issue.

We replace the old style needle and seat with a much improved checkball system to regulate fuel flow. It is a one piece unit that has a pair of stainless checkballs and is less prone to sticking. We love them! My frind Mike (www.pontiacripower.com) has had a set in his 65 GTO for 10 years with no problems. He discusses them in FAQ # 6 on that page.

Our linkage is made from stainless and lauminum. Fuel block and lines are polished aluminum as well. If you select an intake with the iol filler tube, it is chrome as is the breather cap.

I install jets to match your application and can supply the proper sources of vacuum to meet your needs for power brakes, vacuum advance, and other accessories.

I have several styles of air cleaners available and sell the tripowers with or without them. The picturees below are of units I have finished and sold. I will give dscriptions of each below the pictures.

This is a unit on a new intake. The carbs are converted ones. The aircleaners are what we call "bellshaped" Note the linkage, fuel lines and block and one wire electric choke. This unit is now on a 56 Chevy Nomad.

This tripower unit used a new intake. The carbs are actual tripower carbs off a 348 Chevy. They sport the vintage style louvered air cleaners. Note the linkage, fuel lines, and electric choke. This unit is now on a 34 Ford.

This is the passenger side. Note that I use new screws. The nuts that attach the carbs are also plated.

This unit is unique. I used an original set of Olds J-3 carbs. Note the lines are custom made as the fuel inlaets face forward. We also sell these unique lines if you are doing a similar application. the air cleaners on this unit are what I refer to as "plain tops." the resemble the old GTO air cleaners.

This shows the J-2 carbs setup from the drivers side

This tripower was built on a polished delbrock intake. We buy polished intakes when we can locate them. We found this as a swap meet in Indy. The carbs are 348 tripower carbs. These are my own polished lines and fuel block. Note electric choke conversion.

This is the drivers side and top view. Note louvered air cleaners. You might need sunglasses to look at this one on a sunny day.

This is unusual, but shows another job I did for a customer. The intake is not finished, but you get the idea. This is a 60 Pontiac tripower. It is going on a 34 Pontiac streetrod. The carbs are actual Pontiac tripower carbs, with later 65 GTO style linkage. The lines are custom made. We can use this style linkage on a SBC tripower if you choose. It is simple and functions well. We built this on top of the customers intake manifold. We also converted to an electric choke using Chevy parts on the Pontiac center carb.