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I have been active in the streetrod hobby for many years. I was active in a small car club, Slowpokes, in the Peoria, Illinois area atarting in the 60s. Our club put on the first Streetrod Nationals in 1970 in Goodfield, Illinois. I drove the 31 Ford Roadster you see below, and have driven it to every Streetrod Nationals since. Thats 34 years, 34 shows, all in the old 31.

I enjoy attending swap meets and have been buying, restoring, and selling vintage one piece aluminum wheels for many years. In the last five years, the vintage wheels, including, E.T., American Racing, Appliance, Halibrand, etc., have become very popular, almost too popular. Besides the fact that used wheels are becoming difficult to find, companies have begun reproducing them. I stll have over 100 vintage wheels available, but the supply seems to be drying up here in the mid-west.

For many years, I have been buying used tripower intakes and piecing together small block Chevy units. Often, I was able to buy 348 Chevy, or the old Olds J-2 tripower carbs to rebuild and use on the intakes. These carbs as well as the old SBC intakes have also, like the wheels, been getting difficult to find and costly.
When I discovered that Offenhauser was offering NEW intakes, made from the original molds, I became very interested. The older, used intakes I was buying were often made for the old 3 bolt Strombergs. I was MIG welding the holes and re-drilling for the 4 bolt, more dependable Rochester carbs. I was drilling, taping, and using helicoils to get the intakes functional again. I bought a new Offenhauser intake to see if it was as good as the old ones. It was new, perfect, and identical to the original. I was sold.

I am now stocking new intakes with and without the oil filler tube. I also carry the Offenhauser valve covers. (see picture) Both are made from the original molds.

My goal is to make tripowers with as many new parts as possible to look good and function perfectly. I use stainless and aluminum parts whereever possible and replate or refinish every rod and lever to make the unit look clean and sharp. I want your tripower to be a bolt-on unit that will provide years of dependable operation.

For more specific information about the SBC tripowers, see "Complete Tripowers for Sale" section.

Check out my other car, a 68 Corvette which also runs a tripower.